Linda Harris

   Swinging Stars Square and Round Dance Club  
NORTEX Club of the Year 2013- 2014
The Swinging Stars Dance the 2nd and 4th Friday night
7:30 - Early Rounds,  8:00 - Square Up
Dancers under 18 Dance FREE with a paying adult

Where We Dance Network of Community Ministries
1500 International Pkwy Ste 300, Richardson, TX 75081



Why Square Dancing??

Square Dancing That Isn't So Square Video

Our dances are equipped with Assisted Listening Device – tune to 72.9 MHz.

Click the following link for a map: Network of Community Ministries
April 26, 2024   See Flyer: San Jacinto Day Dance

Club Caller

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Charlie Robertson

Club Cuer

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Jan & David Toms

         See Flyer: 49th Anniversary Dance
Click the following link for a map: Network of Community Ministries

President: Richard & Jan Covington
For Info: 214-675-6523

Or email to:

Other Swinging Stars Officers
1st Vice President
Charlie and Linda Harris
2nd Vice President
Dave and Lorraine Burson
Chris and Merry Trujillo
Nevin and Sara Mulvin

47th Anniversary Dance
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Swinging Stars Constitution and By-Laws
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NORTEX 2 Signature Dances

are Square Dance
Call Animations  

Square Dance Lesson Videos


Other Texas Special Dances

Other Special Flyers

Texas State
Federation of Square and Round Dancers

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San Jacinto Day Dance
49th Anniversary Dance
May Flowers Dance
Swinging Stars
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44th Anniversary Dance

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NORTEX Round Up 2013 Video by
Noah Siegmann

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